GRUS (Reducer)


  • For applications in explosive environments.
  • For Group II & III (Gas & Dust): Ex-d/e
  • Reducers for the transition of different thread types and sizes
  • Can be used with intrinsically safe circuits.
  • Up-to-date international approvals.
  • Reducers for Ex-D/E Applications
  • Gas and dust applications
  • Ex db IIC Gb Ex eb IIC Gb Ex tb IIIC Db

Ex-approved Adaptors and Reducers are used to match enclosure entry threads with the cable gland or conduit when the threads differ, maintaining the hazardous location certification and the overall integrity of the installation.


Category: Adaptors & Reducers

Product Description

Suitable for use in

Group I, Group II, Group III

Equipment Marking

EX I M2 Ex db I Mb, Ex eb I Mb
EX II 2GD Ex db IIC Gb, Ex eb IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db

Ingress Protection Rating

IP66, IP68 – 5 Bar, 30 min

Cable Gland Material

Brass, Brass Nickel Plated, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Seal Material

Chloroprene, Silicone

Operating Temperature

Chloroprene: -40°C to +100°C
Silicone: -60°C to +130°C

Thread Type

Metric, NPT
Other thread types available upon request.


• Lock nuts
• Gaskets (Washers)


• Accessories must be ordered separately.
• O-ring available in Metric outer threads.

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