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Gain access to a diverse selection of cables glands designed to meet your specific needs.

For over 10 years, we at Ionic have provided our customers with cable termination products, ranging from cable ties through hazardous area glands and across multiple industries, from construction to large-scale petrochemical projects.

Our chosen partner for cable glands and accessories, Bimed, has been manufacturing cable glands for over 40 years and delivers over 5 million plastic, brass, and stainless-steel glands per month. This strong manufacturing history, coupled with their globally approved products, ensures the highest level of safety in the most harsh and hazardous environments.

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cables glands

Cables Glands Solutions

Harsh and Hazardous Environments demand elevated level of strength

That’s why our cable glands, supplied by reputable Cable glands suppliers in UAE, can provide you with the best quality. Designed for use in harsh environments, our range of products guarantees precision no matter what your project is.

cables glands

Certifications for Hazardous Location Glands

Globally approved products. We ensure the highest level of
safety in harsh and hazardous environments, exceeding industry
standards, and delivering complete safety. 

Easy to install, inspect, and maintain. 

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40 years of experience with Cable Glands, in the Middle East.
Distributed in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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