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Ionic Electrical, your trusted cable gland suppliers in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, we aim to be the go-to supplier, offering a wide range of cable glands to  meet the diverse needs of industries and applications. We provide high-quality products with  competitive pricing, lead times, and reliable technical support to customers across the region.  

Bimed, the leading manufacturer, offers a comprehensive range of cable glands, including brass, stainless  steel, and polyamide glands, along with adaptors and reducers and accessories such as locknuts, washers,  and sealing rings. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Bimed caters to various industries,  including construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing.  

Specializing in supplying cable glands for hazardous areas, offshore installations, and marine  applications. Their extensive product portfolio includes explosion-proof glands, EMC glands, and  corrosion-resistant glands, ensuring compliance with international standards and specifications.  

Known for their efficiency in producing up to 5 million plastic, brass, and stainless-steel glands per  month, we offer a wide selection of cable glands and accessories worldwide. They provide customized  solutions, technical expertise, and prompt delivery services to meet the specific requirements of  customers in the UAE and beyond.  

Quality Assurance:

As a leading cable gland supplier, Ionic Electrical places the utmost importance on product quality and  reliability. All cable glands supplied by Ionic Electrical undergo stringent quality control measures to  ensure compliance with international standards and regulations. By partnering with a reputable  manufacturer renowned for their craftsmanship and expertise, Ionic Electrical guarantees the  performance, durability, and safety of its products, giving customers confidence in their electrical  installations.

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Technical Expertise: Ionic Electrical’s team of experienced professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and technical  expertise in the field of cable glands and electrical engineering. With a thorough understanding of  industry standards, application requirements, and product specifications, Ionic Electrical’s experts  provide valuable assistance and support to customers throughout the product selection, installation, and  maintenance processes. Whether advising on gland types, sizing, or installation methods, Ionic  Electrical’s technical team ensures that customers receive optimal solutions tailored to their unique  requirements.  

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Customer-Centric Approach:

At Ionic Electrical, customer satisfaction is paramount, driving every aspect of the business. The  company adopts a customer-centric approach, prioritizing responsiveness, reliability, and flexibility in its  interactions with clients. From prompt order processing and on-time delivery to personalized service and  after-sales support, Ionic Electrical goes the extra mile to exceed customer expectations and build long term partnerships based on trust and mutual success.  

Data Centers:

In data centers and telecommunications facilities, EMC cable glands are employed to  protect sensitive networking equipment, servers, and communication cables from electromagnetic  interference. Proper EMC management is essential for maintaining the integrity of data transmission  and preventing data corruption or loss due to EMI.  

Medical Devices:

In the medical industry, EMC cable glands are used to shield cables connected to  medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring systems. Ensuring EMC compliance is  crucial for the safe and accurate operation of medical devices, as interference can compromise patient  safety and diagnostic accuracy.  


In automotive, aerospace, and railway applications, EMC cable glands play a vital role  in protecting electrical systems from EMI generated by onboard electronics, powertrain components, and  communication systems. Reliable EMC management is essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of  transportation systems. 

Market Presence and Distribution Network:

Ionic Electrical’s strong market presence and extensive distribution network position it as a leading  provider of cable glands in the UAE. With a strategically located warehouse, Ionic Electrical ensures the  timely availability and efficient delivery of products to customers within the UAE. The network of  authorized suppliers and channel partners further expands their reach, making Ionic Electrical’s cable  glands accessible to a wide range of industries and end-users.  

Value Proposition:

As a preferred supplier of cable glands in the UAE, Ionic Electrical offers a compelling value proposition  characterized by quality, reliability, and affordability. By sourcing products from a reputable  manufacturer and streamlining supply chain operations, Ionic Electrical delivers cost-effective solutions  without compromising on performance or safety. Our commitment to excellence, combined with  competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, makes Ionic Electrical the go-to choice for cable  gland requirements in the UAE market.


In conclusion, Ionic Electrical stands out as a leading supplier of cable glands in the UAE, offering a  comprehensive range of high-quality products, technical expertise, and customer-centric services. With a  focus on quality assurance, technical support, and market accessibility, Ionic Electrical serves as a trusted  partner for customers across various industries, providing solutions for cable gland needs. As the  demand for electrical solutions continues to grow in the UAE, Ionic Electrical remains dedicated to  delivering excellence and innovation in the distribution of cable glands in the region’s electrical  industry. 

Flexibility: EMC cable glands are designed to accommodate various cable types, sizes, and installation  requirements, offering flexibility and versatility in electromagnetic compatibility management. These  glands are available in a range of configurations, including straight, 90-degree, and 45-degree angles, as  well as multiple entry options to suit different installation setups. Additionally, EMC cable glands come in  various materials, such as brass, stainless steel, and plastic, allowing organizations to select the most  suitable option based on application-specific requirements and environmental conditions. This flexibility  enables seamless integration of EMC cable glands into diverse electrical systems and ensures optimal  performance in challenging operating environments.  

In summary, EMC cable glands provide enhanced reliability, compliance with EMC regulations, robust  protection, and flexibility in electromagnetic compatibility management. These essential components  play a critical role in safeguarding electronic equipment and electrical systems against electromagnetic  interference, environmental hazards, and non-compliance issues. By investing in high-quality EMC cable  glands and implementing effective EMC management strategies, organizations can enhance the  reliability, safety, and performance of their electrical installations across various industries and  applications.  

The use of EMC cable glands offers several benefits, including:

Enhanced Reliability: The reliability of electronic equipment and electrical systems is crucial in various  industries where downtime can result in significant losses. EMC cable glands play a vital role in ensuring  the uninterrupted operation of such systems by minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI). By  effectively shielding cables from external electromagnetic fields and preventing EMI-induced  disturbances, EMC cable glands help to maintain the integrity and functionality of electronic equipment. 

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