Flood lighting

Over the past decade, Ionic Electrical has been known for its quality and innovative approach in the field of cable termination solutions. From flexible cable ties to special hazardous area glands our focus on delivering superior products is what has allowed us to become a trusted supplier to a variety of sectors, from construction to huge-scale petrochemical developments. Our constant focus is on providing top-quality solutions, we’ve forged an important alliance with Bimed a renowned producer with more than forty years of experience in making cable glands as well as accessories.

Biomed :
Crafting Excellence for Over 40 Years

We chose Bimed as our preferred supplier. Bimed’s rich manufacturing background extends over forty years and is an example of their dedication to quality. Manufacturing more than five million cable glands per month which includes brass, plastic as well and stainless-steel versions, Bimed has become a worldwide leading company in the field. Their manufacturing capabilities, along with the worldwide approvals that the products they manufacture have received are a testament to Ionic Electrical’s commitment to provide the best level of security, even in the most difficult and hazardous conditions.

Armoured Cable Glands

Cable Glands for Armoured Cable



Cable Glands for Armoured Cable



Unarmoured Cable Glands

Cable Glands for Armoured Cable



Precision in Connectivity :
Diverse Cable Glands Tailored to Your Needs

Access a Diverse Selection

Ionic Electrical empowers you to have access to a wide range of cable glands that have been made to fit your unique demands. Our wide range of cables and termination solutions goes far beyond the standard and ensures that every solution is in sync with the specifications of your project. If you’re in the construction business or dealing with large-scale projects in petrochemicals Our cable glands are made with care and quality.

Navigating Hazardous Environments

Specialized solutions for hazardous zones are required that are specialized, which is why Ionic Electrical stands as your trustworthy supplier in this task. The hazardous area glands we offer are designed with keen care and attention to detail. They adhere to the strictest safety standards. Thanks to Bimed’s expertise in manufacturing in our back, we offer solutions that not just surpass expectations but also exceed them to ensure the security of your work in tough circumstances.

Brilliant Illumination :
Flood Lighting Redefined

Precision in Flood Lighting

Get the most precise results in flood lighting using Ionic Electrical’s cutting-edge solutions. The concept of floodlighting is more than simply lighting a room; it’s focused on improving visibility, assuring the security of your premises, as well as creating a positive environment. Ionic Electrical brings you flood lighting options that set the new quality of light, catering to a variety of applications, ranging from outdoor areas to huge-scale commercial construction projects.

Tailored for Your Needs

Our floodlighting options are made to be flexible and adapt to the specific demands of your area. It doesn’t matter if you’re lighting up the sports field, improving the security of commercial space, or creating a welcoming atmosphere for outdoor gatherings Ionic Electrical’s floodlighting solutions offer the precise versatility required in every circumstance.  

Why Choose Ionic Electrical?

Unparalleled Quality and Safety

If you select Ionic Electrical, you're choosing an uncompromising commitment to quality and security. Our collaboration with Bimed assures us that our cables conform to the strictest standards, providing security in all applications, not just lighting solutions for floodlighting.

Expertise Across Industries

Over a decade of working in a variety of sectors, Ionic Electrical understands the challenges and needs of various projects. If you're in construction, petrochemicals, or any other industry Our expertise will ensure that you will receive a customized solution that will satisfy your lighting needs, which includes precision flood lights.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Join us in helping to make a difference in the world. Ionic Electrical's flood light solutions do not just provide accuracy and effectiveness, but they will also aid in the creation of a green future. Select Ionic Electrical for lighting solutions that align with your environment.

Make sure you're illuminating with precision :
Select Ionic Electrical

Find the perfect blend of precision safety and technological advancement with Ionic Electrical. We offer a wide range of cable glands, specifically designed to meet your needs, to lighting systems for floods that are redefining brilliance We have all the lighting that you require to light up your home in peace. Browse our catalogue to experience your Ionic Electrical difference today! Make your lighting more precise and illuminate using Ionic Electrical.

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